The goal of WotD short for (Wardens of the Dunedain) is to support and promote all kinnies to have, sportsmanship, loyalty, honesty in the lives of our members, and allowing members to play games in a competitive yet friendly enviorment.


            Through these interactions, we hope to give our members a sense of belonging, while also promoting teamwork. We believe that in doing so, we are helping these members to achieve their highest potential in-game and in real life. Our Members and Founders are committed volunteers that provide support to our members anytime it is needed.


           Our success will be measured not by the number of members the Kin has, but by creating a tight community of players. We are a non-profit organization, and our Leaders are unpaid volunteers here to help our members whenever we can.


    Further information: We are a rank 9 kinship that does challenge modes on raids during weekends, and casually support the requests of members during the week, whether it be instances for deeds, medallions/seal farm, loot grind, or whatever else it is. We are here for the long run, and if you plan on joining us, we hope you are in it for the long run too.

-WOTD Staff.

For more questions you may ask officers in-game:

Lestie, Mindflayer, Hellbrand, Vykar, Agnostis, Ebusa, IGod



Punch and pie are supplied to all! ~ Regards of Beofiin